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Jemma Kidd eyeshadow quad review with swatches ❤

I know it’s kind of late in the day but firstly I want to say Happy Easter everyone 😘

I picked up a Jemma Kidd eyeshadow quad quite a while ago from a sell/swap group on Facebook and never really used it until yesterday so I thought I’d do a little review on it for all of you.


Firstly the packaging, instead of being a square/rectangular shape as most quads are they’ve opted for the circular packaging which to me makes it more appealing. The use of matte black with the glossy pink instantly more attractive also, it feels quite rubbery and very hard wearing which is awesome as if you do accidently drop it it’s less likely to break (it doesn’t mean it won’t though, so be careful!)


The back explains which colour they advise to use on what part of the eye which is always helpful, although obviously, you don’t have to use them in the way that they say.


The inside has a reasonable sized mirror and the colours are divided with two larger shades and two smaller in relevance to how much of each product you’d use based on the way they advise to use them if that makes sense. There’s no names on the shades but as you can see by the photo there’s a matte highlighting colour, a slightly shimmery pinky taupe colour, a shimmery gold colour and a dark brown matte colour.


They’re actually really creamy and easy to blend which I found quite surprising in all honesty, I’ve not seen many reviews on Jemma Kidd makeup and the ones I have seen haven’t been all that good so I’m really pleased with how they turned out for me. I’ll definitely be reaching for this more often now that I’ve tried it!

Have you tried any Jemma Kidd makeup ?? What were your thoughts ??

Hannah x

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