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Pink parcel April 2015 ❤

After seeing some pretty good reviews about pink parcel I thought I’d try it out and see what it’s all about. Pink parcel is a monthly subscription box for women which has everything you need for ‘that time’ of the month. When you sign up and put all your details in they ask for your favourite tampon or towel brand and your monthly dates (or a rough estimate) then 3-5 days before your period starts you’ll receive your box. The first box is £5.95 but it’s then £9.95 per month after that.


The box has three separate boxes inside labelled ‘for you’, ‘for later’ and ‘for bedtime’ and a little drawstring bag labelled ‘for now’. Inside all of them, apart from the ‘for you’ box, are various tampons/towels to suit different occasions as such, whereas the ‘for you’ box is full of goodies to make you feel a little bit better about things.


So first there’s a small bar of Doisy and Dam dark chocolate with coconut and lucuma. I’m not going to lie but I absolutely hate dark chocolate so I was gutted with this but beggers can’t be choosers!


Kandula jumbo leaf pink tea, I’ve not tried pink tea before so that’s going to be interesting.


Paul Mitchell tea tree hair and scalp treatment 22ml, this is quite a reasonable size sample so would probably do 2 applications for someone with shorter hair but for someone like me with really thick and long hair I’ll be lucky to get a full coverage with this.


Duck tissues, I love this packaging although I have a million packs of tissues laying around.


Binky black eye pencil £1.95, I’ve not heard of this brand before but after looking online i found that binky is mainly a nail Polish company but they’re pretty cheap so in all honesty I’m not holding out much hope on quality but I could be wrong.


Bellápierre eye shimmer in twilight £12.99, I’ve heard of bellápierre before but I’ve never got round to trying any of their products so I’m quite looking forward to it.


Lastly, #LipGlam 100% natural lip balm £9.99, I must admit I would never spend that much on a lip balm, that’s just crazy, but it better be some amazing stuff for that sort of price so we shall see how good it really is!


I think this is such a lovely idea for us girls, we all need a little pick me up around that time of the month and this is brilliant, it’s also quite good value for money considering the price you pay for the products separately, if you would buy all the products inside anyway!

If you’ve tried any of these products let me know what you think of them below.
Hannah x


2 thoughts on “Pink parcel April 2015 ❤

  1. I have had a tea tree hair and scalp treatment. I loved it! It really makes your hair feel amazingly fresh and strips away all the product build up from your hair and scalp. Also it is refreshingly tingly

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