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Hot hacks for a flawless face ❤

We’re all always looking for tips and tricks to make sure our make up looks flawless and perfect but with these hot hacks used in your make up routine you’re sure to achieve it easier and quicker than you thought!

These are thing’s which I have learnt from blogs/YouTube/friends suggestions over the years of wearing makeup that I find most useful and I hope that you all do too!

#1 No mess mascara
Make sure you apply your mascara to your lower lashes first as you open your eyes wider to do these, that way the top lashes won’t touch your brow bone and leave black smudges everywhere.

#2 Clump free lashes
Place a credit card or similar behind your top lashes as you apply your mascara, this way you can push your wand against the card which seperates all your lashes and leaves them clump free.

#3 Intense eyeliner
Heat up your eye pencil for 1-2 seconds over a flame, leave to cool down for 15 seconds, then apply. This softens the liner and creates a more intense, even line with no dragging or smudges.

#4 Amazing blush
Instead of rubbing your blush over your cheekbones try using a stippling motion to create a more natural look that way it’s easier to build up to the desired effect.

#5 Foundation check
After applying your foundation, go outside and check it in a natural light, that way you can check for any areas missed and make sure you’ve blended well.

#6 Intense colour
Instead of just using a primer on your eyelids, try a white eyeliner or crayon before applying eyeshadow, this way you eyeshadow will look so much more vibrant and bold.

#7 Keep your mascara wands
We all have that mascara that we love just for the wand, right? Well wash it off and use it with other mascara so you’re lashes are always looking fabulous.

#8 Stop lipstick straying
After applying your lipstick, put your finger in your mouth and suck hard once, all of the excess lipstick will transfer to your finger saving you from getting it on your teeth.

#9 No mess eyeshadow
Hold a piece of paper under your lower lashes to catch fall out when applying eyeshadow.

#10 Perfect cat eyes
Stick low tack masking tape from the outer end of your brow to the outer corner of your eye, apply eyeliner and eyeshadow as normal, peel the tape away and you’ve got a perfect line everytime. You can also adjust the angle of the tape to create different looks.

#11 Bright eyes
Instead of applying black eyeliner on your waterline try a white liner, it instantly opens your eyes and makes them pop.

#12 Beautiful lips
Apply a lip balm before you go to bed, the next morning brush your lips with a soft toothbrush in small circular motions. This removes dry skin to leave your lips soft and smooth, whilst stimulating the blood flow to your lips making them look fuller.

#13 Longer-lasting lip colour
Apply your desired shade of lipstick, hold a tissue over your lips and dust over with translucent powder.

#14 Foundation matching
When swatching foundation to check the colour make sure you do it on your neck or the inner forearm, these places, alongside your face, are naturally slightly paler than the rest of your skin. This way there’ll be no nasty mishaps or dreaded orange jawline!

#15 No extra baggage
To truly conceal under eye circles apply a red lipstick to the area with a brush, (DO NOT APPLY THICKLY!), leave to set for a few minutes or use a setting powder, then apply your concealer over the top! This is also awesome for covering tattoos etc.

Let me know how you get on trying any of these out!

Hannah x

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