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Glove your body mitt review ❤

I’ve never been a strong lover of fake tanning products as I’ve always been left with streaks and patches everywhere, so when I was contacted by glove your body to review a self tanning dual mitt I was quite excited with the hopes of finally being able to have a good looking tan all year round!!

The glove is compatible with self tan, brozing lotions, mousses and gradual tanning moisturiser amongst other things! It feels like it’s made from a really soft microfiber material and has an adorable leopard print design and the ‘glove your body’ name embroidered at the bottom (already in love!). It also has 4 discreet finger holes inside so there’s no slipping of the glove while applying your chosen product.


Inside of glove

I chose to use the Nivea sun kissed skin gradual tanning lotion as I didn’t want to go out and have to buy more tanning lotion if the glove didn’t help me achieve the desired results. Turns out today I’m off to purchase some fake tan because this is just amazing!!

No matter how much product you use it doesn’t soak through the glove so my hands stayed clean, it also doesn’t absorb all of moisturiser so you don’t have to use a bottle per leg, it does however absorb some so watch out with that. The glove helps to apply the tan smoothly and flawlessly!!


The best thing of all is that it’s washing machine and tumble dryer safe so as soon as you’re finished you can throw it in the wash and put it back in it’s little travel bag so you’ll be ready for next time!!

The Glove Your Body Dual Mitt is available at €19.99 which I personally think is a bit steep considering the price of similar products on the market, and is purchasable on the Glove your body website.

Hannah x


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