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Poundland makeup dupe!! ❤

So the other day I posted about poundlands makeup range, makeup gallery and said that it was more a hit and miss, well I’ve found another hit! This time it’s a BIG one!!!

I went in today and had a quick glance at the stand and noticed they’d just refilled it, I picked up a couple of shades and didn’t think anymore to it.

After literally just now opening them and doing photos for my small haul post I noticed that the red looked quite familiar, so I swatched it.

I’m then running to my makeup box and to digging out my MAC lipsticks when I see my Russian red sitting right at the bottom, so I swatched that too!!

The results:



Okay almost, Russian red has a matte finish whereas the makeup gallery in Deep red has a slight shine to it but the actual colours are exactly the same!!

Definitely head down to poundland and check it out!!

(totally on a high now!!)

Hannah x