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Makeup gallery reviews and swatches ❤

I’m not going to lie, I love my local poundland for makeup and nail polish, they always have pretty decent stuff in there and I just can’t stop myself from buying things!

Back in November they brought out a whole range of makeup called makeup gallery which includes foundation, powders, blush, bronzer, concealer, eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, lip pencils and nail polish. The stand immediately caught my eye as I walked in so I decided that I’d pick a couple of bits up to try out, I mean what’s a few pounds, right!


So firstly I tried out the foundation which I picked up in ivory, it’s very lightweight and creamy (bonus) but doesn’t actually seem to cover anything, I’ve been using it as more of a base rather than on it’s own and it seems to work better as a bb cream than foundation but for a pound you can’t really complain.


Next is the pressed powder in natural beige 2. I normally use the mua powder because of how quickly i manage to get through it and it pretty much matches up to it. It gives a light and even coverage without looking too powdery. I definitely think this is one of my new favourites!


I then picked out two eyeshadows and a blush the eyeshadow on the left is in deep plum and has a matte finish, the blusher in the middle is coral rose and has a matte finish, the eyeshadow on the right is pink champagne and has a shimmery finish.
These were the biggest surprise of all, they’re so creamy, easy to work with and soo pigmented, definitely going back for more!


I also picked up a mascara in brown/black, I love my mascara so I was really excited to try it out. The brush was nice enough but Unfortunately it just didn’t do a lot for me, the formula seems very watery and doesn’t seem to actually stick to my lashes at all so I won’t be buying another one.


Lastly I grabbed a few lipsticks to try out, there weren’t many colours left that I’d wear so I picked up pink berry which is on the left, black cherry in the middle and plum pout on the right.
Again i was shocked as to how nice they were, they’re amazingly creamy and easy to apply I instantly fell in love with them, maybe not the colours so much but the formula is definitely one I’d go back for.


So it’s kind of a hit and miss range really, I’d definitely recommend the eyeshadow, powders, blushers and lipsticks but the rest just doesn’t actually seem worth even a pound.

Has anyone else tried this collection?? What are your thoughts on these products??

Hannah x


2 thoughts on “Makeup gallery reviews and swatches ❤

  1. Oh the lipstick shades look lovely!! I have only tried one of their opaque glosses and fell in LOVE with it, will have to pick up a few more of their lip products now!

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